Blue Whale Challenge

What parents need to know about the dangerous Blue Whale Challenge

Written by Maria Serra
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The "Blue Whale Challenge" entices participants to engage in risky behavior and ultimately the taking of one's own life.

"While we do not know of any students who have done that, we need to make sure that parents are armed with the information necessary to protect their children, We will do the same in our schools. We are checking computers and speaking with students to make sure that they are not involved or influenced.

While information is limited on the "game," multiple media reports indicate that participants are assigned to complete challenges over a 50-day period, with the final challenge being for the participant to commit suicide. Multiple reports indicate the tasks also include risky behaviors including sitting on the edge of a roof, as well as watching horror movies and waking up at uncommon hours.

Global News, a Canadian news publication, says that there have been reports that the deaths of 130 teenagers in Russia have been tied to the game, but they are unconfirmed.

Global News further reports that authorities in France put out a public safety alert for parents to pay attention to warning signs if your child is acting strangely.

Pascarella's message to parents asked any parents with information on the game or knowledge of any students who may be involved to contact their child's guidance counselor or the superintendent's office.

Pascarella's letter can be viewed below.

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Posted by Ahava & Shalom Family Counseling Center on Wednesday, May 10, 2017